Sailor Francis Mistry, India

" It is not easy to describe my experience because it was the most complex and unbelievable experience, and at the same time simple and obvious. But in a few words, Udumbara (Gesu) took my hand and helped me find myself. Something I had been looking for all my life but would never have guessed. Nor would I have been able to find it on my own. "

Social worker Ted Reese, Austria 

" I was skeptical in the beginning but Udumbara's (Gesu’s) eyes attracted me to the workshop. The workshop left me filtered, speechless. Speechless because it’s so simple but so profound and most importantly so very needed. Thank you dear Gesu. Your eyes will remain in my heart forever. "

Entrepreneur Tery Cigan, Spain

" When you meet Udumbara (Gesu) in a Navel Consciousness session... For the first time you understand what is deep inner clarity. For the first time you know it’s a totally different stuff from what we generally know. Gesu, you are blessed and in conducting your programs, you are blessing others. Thank you! "

Midwife & mother Aurelie Roussillon, France

" If you ever wish to witness that genius and compassion have no age bar... Meet Udumbara (Gesu)! "