As soon as your umbilical cord is cut. you are plunged into deprivation.

Ever wondered why you feel lack of clarity all the time. Why your gut is always in conflict with your heart.

Your navel is not just a scar. It is in fact an energy centre. Its holds the power of 9 dimensional clarity in it. This Absolute clarity is your cosmic inheritance.

At birth when your umbilical cord is cut, this energy centre is damaged extensively. You internal clarity compass is shattered.

This process plunges you into perpetual deprivation mode known as the Deprivation Triade.

In the Deprivation Triade, which is the current active field of consciousness, we are dependent. We distrust ourselves. Hence we always look outside for clarity.

This creates a loop of constant dissatisfaction.

Sufi Mystic Mother Rabiya from Pune, India. 1998

Sufi Mystic Mother Rabiya from Pune, India. 1998

in the year 2000 Sufi Mystic Mother Rabiya gave me the greatest gift of my life. The Navel Awakening Initiation.

Mother Rabiya (Maa) is amongst the rare breed of female Sufi mystics. Maa is a paradox. A child, a woman and a mystic all in one. She gave birth to the Navel Awakening Initiation. Find out about her in the video.

Right after the initiation I began to perceive a unique energy wisdom about human navel, its role and its functions in consciousness. Little did I know that Navel Consciousness™ was my life purpose.