the udumbara woman™ is the future we wish to have.

the udumbara woman is the opposite of the current overtly hormonal, crazy emotional, highly sensitive or simply masculine by need woman.

The Udumbara Woman™️ is the new clear woman.

She begins her life at 27. Blossoms from 40. Peaks from 57. 

She is not amused by temporary titles like queen, goddess or superwoman. She is a timeless personal legend. 

What’s her secret? She does not wear false medals of enlightenment.

Instead she purposely invested in her Navel where she listens to the primal voice of clarity.

Nor does she fashion her wounds with illusionary power. Her eternal vogue is her own Absolute Clarity emanating from her Navel. Penetrating all the way into her life.

By being Navel Conscious she ushers the clarity humanity is yearning for. 

Namaste, I am Udumbara Gesu the torchbearer of the Udumbara Woman™️. 

I help you awaken the Udumbara Woman™️ you are through Navel Consciousness™.