Always torn between  


Head & heart
Emotional & rational
Inner voice & advise
Dreams & reality
Freedom & obligations
Adventure & security

As if this is not enough, you have to please others and make a living too. 

Tired? Who wouldn't be? 

This internal battle leaves you wounded, sour and open to exploitations. 
Sometimes dangerously ill too. 

You maybe surviving very well but are you truly living?  

You are right, there is more to life than this. 

Your longing for a greater purpose in life is real. Don't worry, you are not losing your rationality. And you are certainly not depressed. In fact you are a quantum being who is very aware of the bigger picture. This subtle awareness has stubbornly stuck to you until now. This is why you are here, consciously searching beyond your conditioning


So what are you looking for?  

Your gifts, that were stolen at your birth. You came here with an in-built setting of
Ecstasy-Abundance-Health. But because the human sex and birthing system is seriously f***ed up (pun intended) you end up with the opposite of this. 

Ever wondered why life on Earth is so melodramatically depressive, poor and diseased? 

To compensate this, you're encouraged to make 'different' choices. But can you truly make different choices here?

Why not? Because you are carefully moulded since birth, to fit in. 

What if you have been suffering in vain
so far with incomplete, immature and irrelevant  knowledge?

How about?


you wake up from this sleep walk, take a tour of the Multiverse. 
Get to know other beings who are here too. Learn from them. 
Free yourself from the jail of conditioning.
Reset the button. Restore the original setting
of Ecstasy-Abundance-Health. 
Now you are ready

go ahead and
make truly different choices, fearlessly!

1. The results will show in your life.
2. Your soul will thank you for this. 
3. The universe will reward you for this. 
4. Your world will cherish you for this.  

I am Udumbara Gesu and this is what happened to me when Navel Consciousness showed up in my life.