Navel Consciousness is an energy shifting technique that re-designs life. 

Udumbara is the Founder of Navel Consciousness. She received these techniques during her own inner journey. She describes these techniques as a gift from the Universal Intelligence in return of her deepest desire to make this world a wise-relaxed-joyous space to live.

Let us begin with the basics

Our life is a sum total of all our memories, associations, beliefs, conditioning and emotions. These energies make up who we are as a personality. They also determine how we react to life, others and our environment in general. This sum total is known as the individual Causal Consciousness. A collective of individual Causal Consciousness creates collective Causal Consciousness, which is what we experience as our reality.   

Buddha gave us the good news... 

...that nothing is permanent. It simply means that our Causal Consciousness individual or collective is not permanent either. In fact the current era is all about shifting the rigid Causal equations to the fluidity that is facilitated by the Universal Intelligence.

What is the Universal intelligence?

Udumbara urges us to look at the existence and notice that everything from a blade of grass to the galaxies is working due to an intelligence. This intelligence is the Universal intelligence. It is infinitely ahead of us. It is so advance that most genii have spent life times decoding its tiniest fractions. 

What does it have to do with an individual? 

Each individual comes plugged to the Universal intelligence. However at birth due to immature birthing practices, each individual loses their innate and rightful connection to the Universal intelligence. Due to this disconnection the individual has no other choice but to rely on societal conditioning. Now a quantum being is at the mercy of other people's conclusions. Until one wakes up to this truth one goes on living a life on borrowed intelligence, in a robotic fashion. The conditioned intelligence is as limited as a grain of sand in the stardust.

How does it affect the individual's life? 

What should have been a genius journey turns into a survival nightmare for most. What should have been a playground of advance intelligence and its impact turns into a melodrama of emotions and reactions. A borrowed life is not in tandem with the universal dance of possibilities. Only a few rise to the occasion. In general, most experience a subtle restlessness all throughout their lives. It is like an inexplicable sense of emptiness as if something is lost. We search that ‘something’ all through our lives. We get a few glimpses of it through ecstasy in love, power, sex, creativity and spirituality. But these are just glimpses. In truth we are not meant to have only the glimpses or be trapped in all this drama. 

How does Navel Consciousness work?

Navel Consciousness first gives an individual the understanding, the overview of what is their Causal Consciousness. This information alone has had tremendous healing effects. And then it helps the individual or a group to re-initiate their Casual Consciousness. Navel Consciousness uses specific consciousness techniques to shift the energies. These techniques are developed or rather received by Udumbara. These techniques and Udumbara's presence together shift the paradigms completely. Let us understand it through a general example:

A life coach mother was worried about her psychologist daughter, who was contemplating suicide. The mother found her daughter's laptop full of articles on suicide.The mother was perplexed because this is no ordinary girl but a psychologist in her professional capacity. The mother needed to find a solution. She requested Udumbara to guide the daughter. A personal session was booked. During the session the causal equation revealed itself. Udumbara took the girl through a step wise process to undo the equation. Within an hour the girl had a massive energy shift. She cried, felt unburdened and relieved. However she had not yet fathomed what happened to her. Only a month later, the mother messaged Udumbara thanking her profusely. The girl had not just recovered fully from suicidal tendency but had landed a job that she loved. She is now someone who helps many more people find joy in their lives.

Will your life be the same? Never! 

As you begin to live from the wisdom of the Universal Intelligence, you experience an universal ecstasy in living. This ecstasy is what the enlightened masters, genii and the inventors have been guiding humanity towards. It is time for each of us to become a co-creator of an unbelievably joyous world. As part of human ascension, we are now learning about advance energy details. It is a part of aligning with the Universal Intelligence. It is time we be the genii we have come to be. 

Navel Consciousness has reached seekers beyond 20 countries. Our confidence has been growing by witnessing individuals find a sense of homecoming in Navel Consciousness, as if they had been waiting for it all their lives. NC is the foundation stone of all healing work. When your foundation is in place, it allows you to assimilate all grace of life.