Fed up of not being able to trust yourself?

Let's first accept the fact that most of us are wounded, tired and exploited people. Whether we are this due to a person, a group, a system, a government, a mentality or our own doing. The truth is we are exhausted. In this exhausted state we are always torn between the:

Head <———> Heart
<———> Rational
<———> Advise
<———> Reality
<———> Obligations
<———> Security

As if this was not enough, we have to please others to move ahead in life, make a living and settle down too.

Burnt out? Who wouldn't be?

You may be surviving it gracefully but are you truly living?

That nagging in your heart is a good sign.

Your longing for a greater purpose in life is real. Because essentially you are a quantum being. And deep down you are very aware of the bigger picture. This subtle awareness has stubbornly stuck to you until now. This is why you are here, consciously searching beyond your conditioning.

So what are you looking for?

Your gifts that were stolen at your birth.

You came here with an in-built setting of Ecstasy-Abundance-Health. But the human sex and birthing system during kalyuga is seriously f***ed up (pun intended), so the opposite gets triggered instead Separation-Fear-Lack.

As a result of this, you live a fragmented life. Forever trapped in the head-heart-gut battle. Never sure. Hardly clear. Grateful for whatever happiness comes your way instead of being living ecstatically.

Feel like you don't belong to this melodrama? Me too!

More than ever we are ready to connect the dots and form the whole picture. We are ready to unlearn this exhaustion. We are ready to explore. To find out how to use it as our gateway to a more authentic personal and social expression of our beings.

How can we be whole when we are still unaware of many of our parts?

How can we feel complete without knowing about our Navel, its role, its functions and its value. How can we be whole without knowing the connecting science between the Navel-Heart-Mind? How can we be total without experiencing our own navel?

I am known as the founder of Navel Consciousness™. Lucky me! Here is what I found out.

Udumbara is an advanced culture in our multiverse. They are the guardians of the Navel Portal wisdom. Navel Consciousness™ is their healing wisdom. Their cosmic role is to assist ascending civilisations like Earth to return to the original Ecstasy-Abundance-Health setting.

When I began sharing this wisdom I had assumed I would have to do a lot of explaining. But I have been pleasantly surprised by the readiness of the seekers.

You wake up from you causal sleepwalk

  • You begin to experience your quantum self.

  • You recognise the original setting of Ecstasy-Abundance-Health.

  • You expand out into the Multiverse.

  • You connect directly the source.

  • You go beyond the head-heart-gut battle.

  • You honour your true journey as a being.

  • You learn to create your life from Ecstasy-Abundance-Health as your base.

And so...

1. Your life will show the results.

2. Your soul will thank you for this.

3. The universe will reward you for this.

4. Your world will cherish you for this.


I am Udumbara Gesu. And this is what happened to me when Navel Consciousness showed up in my life.

I believe there are more seers and intuitives in the world than there are skeptics.

  • If you are fed up of the current suffocating paradigm.

  • If you are restless for a more expansive way of being.

  • If the ordinary doesn’t appeal to you.

  • If you don’t like to oblige the status quo.

  • If a compromised life isn’t for you.

  • If you prefer authenticity, personal or social.

  • If you are a visionary who knows there is a more inclusive way, you will love NC & my facilitation.

Watch this video where I explain who you are and how is that connected to your Navel?