Navel Consciousness™

The future belongs to the Udumbara Woman™

The Udumbara Woman™ is Absolutely Clear.

She has arrived into her Navel. The centre of her own natural Absolute Clarity. She weaves her life anew empowered by the primal guidance of the 9 dimensional Absolute Clarity emanating from her Navel.

The Udumbara Woman™ is not a passing fashion. She is not a wild entity. Nor is she a queen or a goddess.

In fact the Udumbara Woman™ is the timeless personal legend that actualises the abundance of consciousness. Here, now, for us, forever. 

She is in partnership with her body, her first spouse. 

She is the clarity of life purpose. 

She is the visionary of an unprecedented future. 

She is the wake up call that transforms destinies. 

She is the compassion that manifests Ubuntu. 

She is the bold steps that upturn paradigms.  

She is the truth that knits honest relationships. 

She is the cosmic network that nourishes our world. 

She is the future we women wish to have.


Namaste, I am Udumbara Gesu.

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The torchbearer of the Udumbara Woman™. 

I assist you, to consciously take the journey to transcend your personal suffering and arrive into your Navel.

  1. I connect you to Udumbara - the primordial Woman who realised her natural Absolute Clarity -

  2. I teach you Navel Consciousness™ - Udumbara’s consciousness & healing wisdom. 

  3. I redirect you to your primal voice of Absolute Clarity emanating from your Navel.  

  4. I help you awaken the Udumbara Woman™ you are.

  5. I mentor you to live her every day.

  6. I support you through a tribe of rising Udumbara women on Earth.

  7. I connect you to the cosmic family of Udumbara Beings™. The wisdom keepers of the Navel.


Your Udumbara Woman™ Journey

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Meeting the Udumbara woman™ in you is a journey of:

  1. Chetnā

  2. Sadhanā

  3. Sanghā

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The rising Udumbara™ Women testimonials

Udumbara Gesu is a reflection of a realized woman. She holds the clarity that lies in all of us. She is the woman that lies buried in all of us. She is the woman we all can be.

Udumbara Gesu has the heart of a woman and therefore she is a realized woman. 

When meeting her we get reminded of our heart, its abundant beauty and radiant power.  Kerstin Düllmann, Germany

Who is Udumbara Gesu?


When I see you, I see that you are already a legend.

I live cut-throat honesty. Authentic expression. Aware action. And for that I burn up my own illusions and comfort zones first. To me courage is not reckless audacity or even natural fearlessness. Instead it is to be bold enough, to light the fire of truth with my own hands. Even when they are trembling.