who am i?

Essentially I am a mystic. Spiritually, I experience consciousness. As per talent I am a really good teacher. By nature I am a seeker/ learner.

The Universe made me put all these qualities together.

I translate the mysteries of consciousness into simple terms, for everyone to understand. So professionally, I turned out to be a Mystic Mentor.

Personally, I am not striving for a lifetime achievement award based on moral conduct. Hence I don’t pretend to be enlightened. I am a nobody. Don’t get me wrong. This is not humility. I am a nobody means I constantly overthrow labels, definitions, dogmas and all that, which categorizes me into a familiar frame.

I am a dynamic being. Never stagnant. I live cut-throat honesty. Authentic expression. Aware action. And for that I burn up my own illusions and comfort zones first. To me courage is to light up the fire of truth with my own hands. They may be trembling but they are sure.

Befitting my spiritual journey, the Universe has impregnated me with introducing Navel Consciousness. All I know is that this wisdom has to be made available. My job is to deliver it.

What’s my qualification?

My journey is my qualification. The answers that I have painstakingly experienced. When I put a question out into the Universe, I followed it to its core. Many times the question led me to death itself. Each time I survived to tell the tale. What I love is that my qualification has freed me. Unlike other fields my qualification need not yield any authority on anyone.

-Udumbara Gesu

40 years of my rollercoaster life in less than 30 minutes.

Now that’s a zip file.