Every month or so Udumbara Gesu facilitates a 4 days healing fest, where 4 levels of Navel Consciousness are imparted systematically.

BUT the twist is that you are not the only one who decides which levels to attend. The first day is open to all.

However from the second day onwards Udumbara also choses the participants who can go ahead to ensure quality and grace of healing.

Day 1 - Self healing

Day 2 - Healing others

Day 3 - Causal  Re-initiation - Consider this a rebirth

Day 4 - Navel Consciousness Counsellor training

*There is a strict pre-selection procedure for this one. 

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Udumbara has a gift to see where you are in the cycle of your individual and collective Causal Consciousness and how that can be altered to create greatness. All the changes are made with your own energy and awareness.

Although she works with any seeker of well-being, she specialises in working with celebrities. Celebrities & dignitaries from varied fields have been benefitting immensely from her style of guidance and friendship. She has been mentoring celebrated authors, actors, performers, politicians, industrialists, psychologists, spiritual healers/ coaches and kids. There are limited seats and is open through reference only.

Duration: 1 hour

Indian Fee: ₹ 7,500

International Fee: € 250 (€ 30 extra for German translation)

Venue: Online across the world

Prerequisite: Introduction to Navel Consciousness, Introduction to Causal Consciousness & NC Causal Re-initiation



A retreat with Udumbara is an opportunity to overhaul. Through a zen like system she helps break down the limitations of the identity. After the retreats participants find themselves transformed at levels they did not expect. It is something willing seekers need to experience. Words do not do justice.  

Duration: 7 days

Indian Fee: ₹ 

International Fee: € (enquire with us)

Venue: Pune & certain powerful spaces in India and internationally  

Schedule: To be announced (join our email list for the schedule)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Navel Consciousness film, 12 personal sessions.