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Certificate Professional course: 

Navel Consciousness

An in-depth introduction by Udumbara (Founder) 

As this is the only course in the world that educates seekers on spiritual and scientific aspects of the human navel, we now offer a certificate of participation for those wishing to add this to their professional repertoire.  This intensive is only conducted by the founder, Udumbara. 

  • Understanding the human Navel
  • Understanding the Navel-Intuition-Gut brain connection 
  • Understanding the Navel wound-the damages of the current cosmically primitive conception-pregnancy-birth paradigms
  • Understanding the advance technology of conception-pregnancy-birth
  • Understanding the concept of cosmic sex- what is beyond the current primitive sexual paradigms
  • Understanding the gut-heart-brain communication and its relationship to managing stress, health, coherence.
  • Understanding the navel-heart-brain's magnetic field and how your individual field affects the whole cosmos
  • Understanding what is common between you and the black holes in the cosmos
  • Understanding the Original brain, the source of Universal Intelligence 
  • Understanding the Original Brain-Navel-Intuition connection from a scientific perspective 
  • Understanding the physiology of ego or 'separate self'. How is the ego physically and subtly formed?
  • Understanding the science behind the Navel Awakening Initiation founded by Maa Rabiya
  • Understanding the science of the quantum being; the being of the future
  • understanding causal consciousness-the higher meaning of karma beyond the superficial cause & effect interpretation
  • Understanding individual and collective human resonance field 
  • Understanding the space time odyssey from the navel-heart-brain perspective
  • Understanding timelessness, the moment of NOW, what and where is it?
  • Understanding the exact process that leads to belief formation. If beliefs make us or break us, then where exactly do beliefs form? 

Do you know what is the cause of human suffering? Life here is lived in fragments. Fragments never give one the feeling of wholeness and one spends an entire life looking for this wholeness. 

This course helps you on two levels. It is an intensive information course, which means it will add volumes to your professional capacity, changing the way you view/ treat/ heal your clients. At the same time it deeply heals your being at a personal level. As you realise why your Navel is not just a scar? Why is it the home of your Original Brain? What is the Original Brain, you step outside the age old fragmentations right into the whole picture. You become so deeply grounded that no force can manipulate or confuse you anymore? 

The feedback from the seekers is an experience of home coming, as if all the broken pieces have been put together.

After this workshop you will experience deeper inner wisdom. 

Who is this for? 

Seekers of truth, medical practitioners, yoga practitioners, holistic healers, doulas, birth practitioners, creative people, coaches, counsellors, artists, parents, educationists, policy makers, philosophers, consciousness experts or enthusiasts, inventors, scientists, seekers of peace, meditators.  


Duration: 3 days 

International Fee: € 

Venue: Online or as event (whenever organized)

Schedule: Click to see the schedule

Prerequisite: None


3. Navel Consciousness quaterly bootcamps  


We all have many glass ceilings about many subjects in life. These glass ceilings affect us and our environment. They limit our contribution to our world. Many of us know that we can make this world a better place. However, our own glass ceilings limit our expansion in our own lives, leave alone the world. Whether you are a visionary in your own life or for the world, breaking through these glass ceilings creates an inner freedom. When you have that inner freedom, you don't live life, life lives through you.

The bootcamps are intensives with Udumbara. Every quarter of the year Udumbara steps out of her private zone and provides an opportunity for the masses to work with her. These events are specifically designed to be affordable. This is a part of her service to the willing seekers who otherwise may not be able to work with her.  

Duration: 3 days

Venue: Online or as event (whenever organized)

Indian Fee: ₹ 7,500,  €

Prerequisite: Introduction to Navel Consiousness film

4. Dynamic Reiki "Birth Beat Alignment"


Ever wondered how easily you can express your emotions, feelings and sensations through your hands? How easily your touch can express your state of mind like love, anger, passion, sympathy, lust or firmness? Our hands are an intelligent device that continuously receive & transmit bio force from nature.

By learning Reiki we can consciously use this natural force to rebuild damaged body, mind and emotional structures. In Reiki teachings, Dynamic Reiki has earned a worldwide distinction of being an indispensable tool for real wellbeing.

What is special about Dynamic Reiki? Amongst other specialties Dynamic Reiki also includes a unique spiritual initiation created by Mother Rabia, the founder. This initiation called the Birth Beat Alignment ushers the seeker back into the original Navel-Heart-Mind harmony that we are born with. 


Duration: Reiki Level 1 & 2 (5 days) / Reiki Level 1,2 & 3 (7 days), 3 – 4 hours per day 

Indian Fee: ₹ 25.000 for Reiki Level 1 & 2 / ₹ 46.000 for Reiki Level 1, 2, & 3

International Fee: € 999 for Reiki Level 1 & 2 (€ 99 extra for German translation) / € 1.949 for Reiki Level 1, 2, & 3 (€ 145 extra for German translation)

Venue: Live Classes in India & Germany

Prerequisite: None 




Udumbara has a gift to see where you are in the cycle of your individual and collective Causal Consciousness and how that can be altered to create greatness. All the changes are made with your own energy and awareness.

Although she works with any seeker of well-being, she specialises in working with celebrities. Celebrities & dignitaries from varied fields have been benefitting immensely from her style of guidance and friendship. She has been mentoring celebrated authors, actors, performers, politicians, industrialists, psychologists, spiritual healers/ coaches and kids. There are limited seats and is open through reference only.

Duration: 1 hour

Indian Fee: ₹ 7,500

International Fee: € 250 (€ 30 extra for German translation)

Venue: Online across the world

Prerequisite: Introduction to Navel Consciousness, Introduction to Causal Consciousness & NC Causal Re-initiation



A retreat with Udumbara is an opportunity to overhaul. Through a zen like system she helps break down the limitations of the identity. After the retreats participants find themselves transformed at levels they did not expect. It is something willing seekers need to experience. Words do not do justice.  

Duration: 7 days

Indian Fee: ₹ 

International Fee: € (enquire with us)

Venue: Pune & certain powerful spaces in India and internationally  

Schedule: To be announced (join our email list for the schedule)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Navel Consciousness film, 12 personal sessions.