What is a valuable gift you can give to yourself or to your loved ones for 2017. 

A distance Reiki session series. Simple! 


Many people have gone through and are going through a lot. Emotional, mental, physical and financial turmoil has embroiled most at some level. However there are many who have no turmoil but are expanding exponentially. In both cases a distance Reiki session series does wonders beyond expectations! 


What is a distance Reiki session? 


The healer channels the Universal life force to transmit to the receiver. The receiver is not physically present to receive this energy. It is transmitted at the energetic level. The energetic level is far more penetrating and supportive to the receiver.


Who can receive it? 

If you are healthy please organise yourself a distance session. If you are unhealthy please organise yourself it for sure. 

If you are happy, certainly do it. If you are unhappy, don't miss it. If you or a loved one / friend is needing support, opening up, space, expansion, progress, indulge in a distance session series. 


What does it do for you? 

Human being is a complex phenomenon. We are a whole world inside ourselves. We only pose a tiny, civilised fraction of it as our external behaviour. What about the vast, complicated inside world of ours? It loves to be supported, expanded, detangled, harmonised, decoded and simplified. A DRSS helps just that!


1) You get decluttered 

2) you are awakened

3) you are supported

4) you are guided

5) you are protected

6) you are held

7) you are propelled 


How do you get it? 

Book a session and one of our healers worldwide will start a DRSS for you.

What are the costs? 




3 ₹ 1350

5 ₹ 2250

7 ₹ 3200



3 € 120

5 € 145

7 € 165