Who am I?

Well, essentially I am a mystic. And talent wise I am a really good teacher. Universe made me put those two qualities together. Professionally you can call me a Mystic Mentor. I translate the mysteries of consciousness into it’s simplest terms, for everyone to understand.

As I am not striving for a life time achievement award based on moral conduct, I don’t pretend to be enlightened. I am a nobody. Don’t get me wrong. This is not humility. I am a nobody means my life is a constant endeavour to get out of labels, definitions, dogmas and all that, which categorise me into a familiar item for anyone to frame.

Instead I am a dynamic being. Never stagnant. I live cut throat honesty. Authentic expression. Aware action. And for that I burn up my own illusions and comforts zones first. To me courage is to light up the fire of truth with my own hands. They may be trembling but they are sure.

Befitting my spiritual journey, the Universe has impregnated me with the crucial healing wisdom of Navel Consciousness. All I know is that this wisdom has to be made available. My job is to deliver it.

Now the question may arise what authority do I have? My authority is the answers that have painstakingly experienced. When I asked a question, I followed it to its core. Most of the times it led me through frightening nuisances. Each time so far I survived to tell the tale. My journey is my authority. What I love the most is that unlike other certifications there is no need to yield this authority on anyone.







Udumbara is the founder of Navel Consciousness. A researcher by passion and a mystic by nature.

Udumbara is a distinguished modern teacher of the experience of inner freedom. Her being radiates an energy that accelerates transformation. Her style is an unusual mix of ecstasy with thrilling clarity, support and authority.

Since 1998 Udumbara has been sharing this ecstasy in the form of encounters, workshops, retreats, intensives and one-to-one sessions with seekers from all parts of the world.

Udumbara can see the quantum being of an individual. She chooses to nurture the quantum being while she aids the seeker to detangle from the entrapments of their identity and step into the ecstasy of their quantum being. 

Udumbara has travelled to Germany, Italy, UK, and within India, conducting Sat-sangs, Intensives and Retreats.

She a celebrity mentor, an exponent on human causal consciousness, a prolific speaker, writer, presenter, energy healer and an artist.

She is open to meeting sincere seekers of truth & inner freedom.


Udumbara's purpose is to contribute to building a wise-relaxed-joyous planet. Her purpose is to keep assisting seekers to transition from causal entrapments into the ecstasy of the universal intelligence.

Navel Consciousness, has a purpose too: to assist a seeker back to its  innate connection to the universal intelligence.  


Although raised in a an environment of spiritual confluences, she always wondered why there is so much pain in the world despite a merciful God. This question, which tug at her heart at every point in her life led her and shaped up her life choices. Just as universe promises ask and you shall receive, her curiosity about the relationship between human mind and suffering found its answers. Her curiosity has been mostly led by her own entrapments, suffering and illness stories. She has her own examples of releasing from the sufferings of the mind. 

As a child Udumbara (then known as Gesu) had a fragile health. As a toddler already her brain could not take the speed of her mental development. A famous brain specialist of that time told her parents that her mental age is way ahead of her physical age. Her physical brain is unable to cope up the pressure. This gap always presented itself as an illness in her. She spent most her young life riddled with debilitating asthma, unable to breath easy.

At 14 she experienced what she calls ‘an expansion experience’. It can also be called a near death or out of body experience. During one of her asthmatic attacks, she was about to collapse when her loving mother invited her to a whole new possibility of health. Her mother asked her to walk out of this disease on her own. Fed up of the emergency visits to the doctor, the injections, the inhaler and the debilitating exhaustion, she choose to take up this offer. With total trust she let go. What she experienced in that moment was a complete suspension of the reality as she knew it. She experienced an inexplicable expansion in all directions. She also felt that she became the space itself. There was no time either. She was everywhere and everything was nothing but space. Everything was just a decision away. So she decided to be healthy. What felt like an eternity to her must have only been five minutes on outside. She opened her eyes, got up from the sofa and declared she is healthy. She never suffered from Asthma ever agin in her life, so far. 

This life transforming experience only deepened her curiosity. She began to look for clues actively and realised that she was being led consciously on a path of answers. Much later in life she realised, the force that had led her. At age 16, she experienced her second expansion experience. She went into an inexplicable, sudden expansive bliss for two weeks. On the outside she was living a regular teenage life while from within she experienced a bliss that could not be expressed in words. During that time her world expanded even more when 4 books landed up in her lap from a friend of her father. These four books strengthened the orientation of her life. The holographic brain, The Alchemist, Tying rocks to the clouds, The Tibetan book of living and dying.

At age 24, she left a lucrative media work to dedicate her life to Universal Intelligence and where it wishes to lead her.

Since then she has been a seeker and a point of resource for countless people.