This is only a room for others. For us it’s our life.

This 20 by 20 feet hall took us 20 years to make.

My parents are domesticated Mystics. What does that even mean?

Maa comes from a lineage of Kashmiri Sufis. Her father was an accomplished Sufi master under the guise of a family man. Nights of whirling in Sufi music in the company of God intoxicated Mystics was a regular. heart cantered devotion, connecting to God through music, poetry and discipline of practice is what got silently infused in her. It didn’t look like it though.

On the outside she always wanted more than what was being offered on the platter. Curious and compassionate. A stage artist, a handicrafts expert. A rebel and most importantly a mischievous sibling.

True to her voracious nature she fell in love with a technically wrong man. A Hindu guru figure. My father.

Dad comes from a Hindu warrior clan. Mischievous and defiant from the start. He always wanted to know the truth behind things. Enquiry was his religion.

No one in his village had any answers for him. He remained a rebellious teenager until one of his defiance led to a satori. One day he entered a regular temple accompanying a relative. As usual he questioned the stone statue. Shirdi’s Sai Baba morphed out of the stone into a live person. Stood right in front of him. Smiling he said ‘here I am’.

The satori left him spiritually engaged, unable to interact with his regular environment. He was redeemed by a chance encounter with Acharya Rajneesh, a professor at the university of Jabalpur.

Acharya Rajneesh imparted enquiry and authenticity as personal teachings to him over a span of 10 years. Their close relationship before Rajneesh’s metamorphosis into Osho became the founding stone of my fathers life in the years to follow.

My parents had an intense love affair for 8 years in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. Most romantic films will have to bow down before their adventure. Especially because they played hide and seek in a society that was ready to cut their throats off for such an alliance.

But the divine order was no slave to the society. Amongst a socially emotional riot and divinely ordained timing they united into a formal marriage.

They gained their freedom to fly in the spiritual skies. But along with their flight came their domestic responsibilities because we came, their children.

That’s how these two rebellious Mystics became domesticated. Their life became their own adventure. There was no reference point. They made their own mistakes, they healed their own wounds. They found their own salvation.

Through this uncharted journey their inner vision remained at the crux of it all. As a family our lives have always revolved around enquiry, experience and sharing.

We have gone through lifetimes worth of pain and healing both. Miracles have been a part of our every day life. Pain has been our constant companion. Wearing a hearty laugh through an intense suffering has been our style.

This part actualisation of our vision is very special to us. Because it bears testimony to no compromise on authenticity. Constantly refusing help from vested donors or funds took us 20 years to make this 20 by 20 hall. Made possible only by the camaraderie of a handful of generous students.

Soon this Mecca of love will be open to seekers of the heart. Soon the vortex of these domesticated Mystics will be yours to experience. Soon this love story will be yours to soak in.

Beware though, some love stories cannot be fathomed from the head. Your head will only see a cantankerous paralysed man being helped by his agitated but mostly patient wife at their farm house.

But if your heart has the eyes you will see the devotion, commitment and love that is beyond this world. Just as they are like a droplet on a lotus leaf. In this world but not of it.

Udumbara Gesu

Daughter of the domesticated beyond

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Udumbara Gesu