Is distraction truly dangerous for your awareness?

In the Deprivation Triade your mind chatter is at its maximum performance. The voice in your head is strong. Doubt. Distrust. Spin offs and emotional fog are a daily affair. Making a mountain out of a mole hill is like a job. Everything is taken seriously. 

In the Deprivation Triade field, it is so easy for people to align with hate and distrust.

Hate speeches are famous and more effective than peace talks or walks. Ideas of inter connectivity are sabotaged and more importantly ridiculed. 

Ever wondered why there is so much disagreement in vital relationships.

Ever wondered why genuine, truthful and well intending people fail time and again while meaningless and even harmful content goes viral. 

Ever wondered why everyone is so ready to blame, manipulate, control and sabotage.

But the biggest challenge and the most dangerous element of the Deprivation Triade is that whatever (whoever)  can show a way out of it is doubted and consequently sabotaged. 

The person, the opportunity, the doorway slips out of your hand over a dime or a disagreement. Many fakirs chose silence and over explaining themselves. 

The Deprivation Triade is designed to keep you dangerously distracted while the opening, the threshhold is delayed. Sometimes by days, by years and many times by lifetimes. 

What one misses out is that the doubt, distraction or disagreement was deliberately planted there to delay you from your own power. 

Ancient Mystics, seers, gurus and prophets of all types have named it 'the test'. And have warned us enough. 

Will you be able to keep your eyes on the truth even when you are blinded by a lightening flash of distrust, doubt and anger? 

Everyone has to go through this test. When I was younger I thought this is how gurus and fakirs created fear in us in order to control us. Then I observed that this was done only by the agents of organised religion.

As life matured me, I saw that the Mahabharata story where Arjun wins Drupadi's hand in marriage, by passing the test of shooting the eye of a moving fish, is totally right.

The story is a metaphor for locking your eyes on your path. Arjun's unbeatable concentration is an example of shooting out everything that distracts you from your path. 

Recognising the working of the Deprivation Triade cuts down distractions and delays.

Being able to rise above it will help you claim your own power back. The time saved can only help usher in the heaven on Earth sooner. 

After all according to scientists Earth has been damaged beyond repair. Humanity doomed to self destruct. Hence time is precious. Focus is needed. Expansion is urgent. 

But don't worry delayed or distracted, the path leads to ascension anyways. There is nowhere to go but back to the source.

Udumbara Gesu

A fan of your soul & its strength. 

©️ Navel Consciousness™️ 





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