Timescape- Energy Reading of the current times by Udumbara Gesu.

This time is special. We are on the verge of a consciousness explosion. The Deprivation Triade is dismantling. Infinity is open. Eternal is present. Who are you in all this? What will you choose?

Timescape is a light guide by Udumbara Gesu for those who wish to choose Ecstasy-Abundance-Health©️ as the base of their life here and after.  Interpreting the currents of time to your benefit. Keeping it simple yet practical. It's a guide. Choice as always is yours! 

Here goes. 


The energy of December 2018 is death.

Don't be alarmed. You are not literally dying. But death is happening to you. Do you get the difference?

The Body-Being-Earth-Existence has a pulse that beats every 7 seconds.

This means every 7 seconds you die. It also means you are reborn every 7 seconds.

Do you feel this cycle of death and rebirth every 7 seconds consciously? May be not. This is because in the Deprivation Triade you don't really get to this kind of tuning with the existence.

Now back to dying. Your cells. Your nerves. Your emotions. Your psycho-neural-immune pathways. Your thoughts. Your beliefs. Your love. Your karmic structure. Just about everything that is you will die in 7 seconds.

What you have not learnt yet is to be reborn so quickly. Totally new. Afresh. Blank. Clear. Clean.

Much of 2018 was dominated by this death energy. Whatever you thought will work. May not have. Whatever you felt was right. Fixed. Correct. Deserved. Wasn't. All that you are, kept collapsing. And this collapse is the rebirth.

The next 22 days well in to January will see you collapsing even more.

The good news is. It's not you collapsing. It's your Deprivation Triade structure collapsing.

But it will be painful to let go. After all DT has been your home for so long.

Will you remain aware to die constantly for the next 22 days? And even further if required?

We are here to learn the art of rebirth. 

Becoming quantum has only begun. Being the Navel Abundance Triade™️ has just shown its few glimpses.

Let me share a recent example with you. A mentee of mine is heavily invested in the Deprivation Triade. This person has done so much work and yet the DT has been in their blood. Because of their stubborn investment in it. This person made some crucial life changes this year. And had to live on their savings. Now the savings are over.

Logically you can't expect this person to invest in luxurious expenses like healing work. Like joining Navel Consciousness Digital Gurukul™️. Right?

Wrong! Let me tell you the DT in this person was ripe to die. In its bid to break free it broke free in their life.  It was blocking every earning opportunity. It was creating personal havoc in life. Home was mess. It was creating accidents. Theft. Expenses and what not.

I said collapse dear one. Allow it. A very long story short. I said just invest in NAT. Invest in your 'self'. If you can't digest what's the point of having food at home?

So this person out of sheer trust in me just did it. They paid for the NCDG. This person made a commitment towards being in the Navel Abundance Triade™️. Towards their 'self'. 

Remember I talk about this strange thing called Ecstasy-Abundance-Health©️. 

What happens next?

The same day blocked earning opportunities opened up with ease.

€ 59 went out. More than € 700 worth of opportunities came in. And I am still getting good news from this person.

What should you do?  

Recognise the collapse of the Deprivation Triade in your own life. Find the signs of your own ripeness to let go of DT. Are you ready to let it go? One hint is do you have this nagging feeling that there is too much emotional drama in your life. And that it's not needed.

Allow the collapse. Don't save it. Don't protect it. Let it go. Easier said then done? I know.

But trust me it's worth it. I just died and was reborn. I know it is worth it. Give the Existence a chance to serve you.

In this death is your rebirth.

* Timescape is a part of the Navel Consciousness Digital Gurukul™️. 

Udumbara Gesu

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