Are there cheaters in the 'Healing' profession? Well yes!

Are there cheaters in the 'Healing' profession?
Of course!
Do cheaters charge a big fee?
Not necessarily. Some charge nominal fee.
Are expensive healers, coaches and mentors cheaters?
Not at all.

Here is why:

Human consciousness is the most complex phenomenon, being decoded for eons now. If you won't wear an outfit that is common, cheap, lacklustre, one size fits all, why should you try that approach for your most precious asset: your consciousness?

There are countless mentors/ coaches/ mystics who care a rats ass about money. They just are. They are also invisible. There is no publicity for such people. Hence they are only popular in their local circles, if at all. On the other hand are expensive mentors/ coaches and Gurus.
Being expensive doesn't guarantee a true encounter with a real mentor. However when you hear about some expensive spiritual course or practitioner don’t choke up with judgement.
Stop, breathe, think. Instead of typically defending your bias with 'such people are charlatans making money out of thin air while I work my ass off in a cubicle etc....'.get excited about it. Think intelligently. Allow your intuition to help you.

Imagine the treasures that this coach has to share with you!

What all must the coach have gone through to come to such a confidence? Simply enrol for a free trial, book, cd, movie, sessions, Facebook live or a lesser expensive service. Take this risk. You will know it instantly if they are genuine or just bluffing their way through. Then trust your knowing. If your knowing says it's not for you, drop the matter right away. But if your heart leaps in agreement then forget about the fee. Wait if you don’t have the money right away. Waiting only makes learning more juicer.
Ask the Universe for money to show up for this cause and I guarantee that it will show up.

If a lot of resistance comes up, you need them more than you know.

Are you going to lose your money?

No the fee paid for such life expansion experiences returns a billion fold. If it doesn’t come back in cash it will come back in richness.

Once your heart knows that this is your mentor don't tease your own consciousness. Don't play mind games with yourself and the mentor. Don't get scared. Don’t fuss and most crucially don’t keep them on a timer.

Remember that you as a seeker have piled up emotional toxicity for lifetimes. Be patient not just with yourself but with the mentor too. This is why the Indian culture places a Guru to be more important than God. Because only a Guru willingly puts their hand in your inner garbage and assists you in shifting out of it.

This service in truth has no price tag. It only comes from a deep compassion for collective ascension. Besides, not wanting to pay for spiritual assistance comes from age old beggar mentality. Back then waking up was a luxury. Right now waking up is a necessity.
It says a lot about you if won’t haggle with Nike, Chanel or Apple but with a Healer or life coach for their price.

Be kind and receive.

Udumbara Gesu
Navel Consciousness