Go into your cave, Incubate!

I have been quiet inactive on social media recently. A seeker reached out to me with the following question. 'Hi Gesu, you have been very quiet, subtle, un-explosive for some time now. Was wondering whats happening? Did u get bored of waking us up? ;)'.

The question has perfect timing.

I appreciate the seeker's intuition for bringing this subject up. 

Let me begin with bursting a myth. When we become seekers of life, we usually seek from our training not from our knowing. Like taking our corporate training into our spiritual evolution. A 'market' requires your continuous presence and hard selling. A spiritual journey is different. It does not require you to play by the 'market' rules. So making out the difference between the 'market' and the 'presence' is pivotal. 

My answer to the seeker is: Yes I got bored. I don't function as normal human beings. I function from quantum speed. I only leap around in time and space. This means I can smell stagnancy a million miles afar. 

And no I am not bored of awakening. Many times in life we need to and must go into a cave. This cave is not a hiding place. It is an incubator. This is where you empty out and get filled by the Universe. This is where you converse with the source of all creation. This is where you know where you are and where you wish to be or for that matter not wish to be. 

I have been in that cave for a long time now. In fact I have just stepped out. If I was a man, you could have easily visualise a long beard and many grey streaks. But as I am a beautiful woman, I have emerged looking glorious. Now, life is different yet again. All that was not inclusive has dropped off. All that is Universal has risen. It is time to consecrate my purpose. It is time to be that, which I am. 

In conclusion I would only say that this is a shout out to those whose hearts know how to throb. The different ones, the odd ones, the restless ones, the creative ones, the drunks, the eccentrics, the compassionate ones. This is a shout out to my tribe, the ones who know we are walking a never before path. The ones who know we will need each other more than ever. 

I am not a light that shines for everyone. I am that cave where you incubate. I only take in a few, I embrace them in my womb, I nourish them till they become the light that lights even the darkest corners of humanity. I am not the end. I am the source.